About us

Amazing NLP was founded with a vision and mission to enlighten and educate the society at large about the benefits that can be drawn from the technological advancements made in the field & study of Brain, Mind, Memory, health, Dermatoglyphics NeuroScience, and the use of cutting-edge technology like Brain Mapping to analyze and identify the said Dermatoglyphics NeuroScience and Environment.

The company, Amazing NLP, is involved in imparting training on 12 different Programs, and also has a strong technical system in place at par with international standards to study and counsel on the findings of its analysis conducted using the technique of Dermatoglyphics NeuroScience and NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) Amazing NLP, also provides training for memory-recall enhancement using the widely-renowned technique of Memory training, through NLP.

Although quite well-known, the technique is not very widely practiced in India because of a severe dearth of quality trainers. We at Amazing NLP, have truly international class trainers, amongst the best in the industry, to deliver the training program with a vision to take these internationally proven techniques to the masses so as to benefit society as a whole.

Through this blog publishing, we wish to educate viewers/visitors about human phycology which is not taught by our education system in academics and we wish viewers/visitors can solve their problems from this blog publishing website (AMAZINGNLP). We wish all the best to all our viewers and visitors for their future.